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Part of our vision at Education for Living is to promote a variety of topics to increase our quality of life. We ask our community what they are interested in and then we search for the best facilitators to present these topics. 

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The Enneagram is a map that reveals nine different personality types, nine unique perspectives and ways we filter information and view the world. Understanding the nine different filters allows us to be more patient with differing points of view.


the ENNEAGRAM / A nine panels  workshop with Sandra Smith, MDiv   October 7-8, 2017 Baton Rouge, LA





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What new possibilities participants see after the Enneagram workshops:

"Recognizing when I'm stressed and taking other action - when I'm angry knowing that this means I feel "not heard"."   - Pam L.

"Refocusing on my virtue vs vice to find balance. Accepting and more compassionate of myself and others." - Michelle H.

"Getting better at working with my clients." - Amanda S.

"Further self development. A great step into gaining knowledge about oneself." - Peter

"Having more meaningful relationships and more compassion." - Mischa M.

"Becoming more aware and have compassion for myself and others. Seeing things a different way and using all energies." - Audrey D.

"Self awareness. The ability to be able to not take actions of others personal. To have compassion for others different than me. Help bring out the best in others." - Shawn F.

"The ability to see every situation and intervention in new light and understanding myself as well as others."  - Stephen M.

"Understanding the people in my life and being better at understanding their needs. Also, seeing how the world views me as and being able to shift into the leader I want to be." - Garrett H.

"More observant of how I move in the world. Bring peace into my life." - George E.

"Further learning and exploring who I can be considering who I am." - Carolyn B.

"Relax and not always do. Take time for myself and do more with those I love." - Lydia E.


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Our courses are about educating you to become aware of your own use of language and beliefs – tools most of us have been using automatically our entire lives. By better understanding your language and beliefs you will live, communicate and work more effectively.

Education for Living Seminars, Inc. was founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1985 and today, the company remains dedicated to innovation in ontological education.

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