The Effective Living Series

This series comprises three different courses, taken consecutively, that teach you a more positive and effective way to live. Each Course is independent and complete if you choose not to continue through the entire series.

Effective Living I: Realizing Your Potential introduces you to this series and helps you better understand your experiences and motivations. This three day course begins on Friday evening, then all day Saturday, all day Sunday until 6:00pm.

Effective Living II: Recognizing Your Commitments, builds off the lessons taught in EL I and helps you represent yourself accurately to others. This is a five day course that begins on Wednesday morning and continues all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 5:00pm.

Effective Results Program: Designing Your Life applies effective living techniques from EL I and II to every aspect of your life. This is our six week course. Participants meet on the first, third and final weekend.

You will graduate from the Effective Living Series with the awareness and skill sets to be your best self and live more effective and powerfully in all areas of your life.


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About Us

Our courses are about educating you to become aware of your own use of language and beliefs – tools most of us have been using automatically our entire lives. By better understanding your language and beliefs you will live, communicate and work more effectively.

Education for Living Seminars, Inc. was founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1985 and today, the company remains dedicated to innovation in ontological education.

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