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As a person, I value what I learned in the Education For Living Seminars about myself and my relationships and how my life could be more powerful and more pleasure filled. As a coach I refer clients to the program because they become more coach able, more effective and more successful in their lives and their endeavors. I am not a big fan of struggling, and people who have done this work struggle less than those who have not. I recommend these programs to clients, friends, and family members who wish to live life to the fullest in business, relationships, and most importantly, in their relationship with themselves. Thanks to Stephanie, Jill and the many coaches and staff who work to keep this incredible program available.

Cami Miller, Professional Training & Coaching, Baton Rouge, LA.


Before EFL I used to be very reactive in my personal life, I would plan out my days at work but at home I would rush from one thing to the next. I got better with time management and goal setting and started planning my personal life. I am simply enjoying my life more and how I spend my time is now reflective of what my priorities in life are. I am now running my life instead of it running me thanks to EFL.

Cynthia DiCarlo, Associate Professor at LSU, Baton Rouge, LA.


Everyone gets exactly what they need. How do you get to be a better businessman, a better parent or wife? Everyone gets totally different things yet they all experience the same seminar. People always ask me “how can that be?” But it happens. It’s hard for me to put my finger on a specific thing it did for me. It made me more organized and focused at work but most importantly I felt that I got another chance to be who I wanted to be.

Christi Adams, Realtor at REMAX PLUS, Baton Rouge, LA.


Education for Living was life changing for me. It taught me how to read other people, how to control my own feelings and expressions but most importantly it taught me to stop and think before I just blurted out any answer. I now look at the person I am talking to before I say things. I didn’t used to work that way. I now take time to be in the moment instead of thinking three projects ahead. I now take time to play with my kids and I am grateful for that. It made me a better person and most importantly a better father.

Boyd Adams, Owner of Adams Collision, Baton Rouge, LA.

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